Welcome friends...

This is the beginning of something big...very big.
CIP is a totally fresh idea...bringing together in partnership, the very best crisis intervention resources across agencies, job classes, and state/national lines for one purpose...improve the way the world responds to people-in-crisis...
Please join us in this noble quest to learn, innovate, improve, and change the lives of people at the moment they believe it's impossible...

 The CIP mission
To cultivate the very best resources available to anyone charged with the responsibility of responding to people in crisis.


CIP endorses and shares the academic contributions of experts who have directly and personally invested in culture change.  



CIP is commited to providing the most meaningful learning and training experiences to crisis responders.

CIP's evidenced-based curriculum is derived from the successful outcomes of its founders' projects. 
As human crisis appears to be increasing at a geometric rate, so must leadership in demanding  best practices within their organizations. Culture change is a brutal business...and it can sink your department, your hospital, or your agency when "a little better" is prioritized over "best".
CIP relentlessly pursues what's best for the consumer of crisis services and the responders who deliver them.



Implementation of change initiatives is invariably met with resistance.  Adaptation to resistance without dilution of priorities is a fine art.
CIP has considerable experience navigating these issues.
Increasing safety and improving consumer outcomes is what CIP is all about.  If the idea or method doesn't serve those goals, it's discarded. 
A driving principle to every CIP method is that it must reduce the likelihood of recurring crisis to the consumer.

The New Culture Of Change

In the field of crisis intervention, transformative culture change is needed more than ever.  In the words of one of our partners from the National Anger Management Association, the world is in an empathy crisis.
Terrorism and Mass Shootings are just two examples of legitimate, growing threats that can also shape our view on responding to other kinds of human crisis.
CIP exists to stand in that gap...between silos and shared resources, between ideas and implementation, between individual experts and teamwork.

CIP will inspire global thinking stratagies

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new"